Sunday, July 1, 2012


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Coolness to Stomp To

Check this out:

Head on over to James Stafford's blog  Why It Matters

Long posting...

Yep, like the title says...

I've been busy keeping the work flow going with only a few breaks at a time to decompress with video gaming and some lite hobbying.  In the past months, I've been focused on growing my terrain/model building services. I've so far created two great tables and more than collection of terrain. These efforts are chronicled under my Cinders of War blog. (which is getting a lot of updates soon and even a few step-by-step articles). The Custom Model Building is being put together gradually as I complete personal projects and solicit clients as a trial basis.

Recently, a buddy mine and I have started up a flat pack project called B-It Bot which is said "Bit Bots" and stands for "Build It Bots". You can check it out here and be sure to join the Twitter feed for the project.

What? What's that you ask? Where's the pictures?  Well, the project images are at their respective sites, but here's a group of nutty cacti to amuse your eyes for now.