Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nothing says fun like art, toys and pure geekatude!

There will be a toy show this 26th of October at ToyFusion.

Come on out and support my studio by helping me liquidate some old toys thereby making much needed funds and space to create!

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Just an update...I seem to be fixating on stormtroopers...This fellow came out of a quarter vending machine and measures roughly three quarters of an inch tall. Primed in "Skull White" from Citadel Colours and painted with a 000 synthetic brush using acrylics. The "LRS" will be recognizable to those "who know".

Sunday, October 12, 2008

When Looking for Monster, Monster There Will Be.


The following entry is an insight into one of my many inspirations for my art: Hobby Gaming. If you are here just for the art, feel free to skip this entry, though it may amuse you and it does preclude a new series of works you will most likely not want to miss out on!

This past Summer, Games Workshop released their 5th edition rules and a new starter set for the Warhammer 40,000 game. Needless to say, I totally geeked out and bought the set. Eager to put my Tyranids through the new rules I began a campaign to finish assembly and paint them. As I have now settled upon a color scheme for them, one of a reptilian nature, I figured it was time to decide if they were a splinter fleet or of a more larger as yet discovered one. The problem lay in what to call the army.

Tyranid Hive Fleets are customarily named after a monster of Earth legend. Behemouth, Leviathon and Tiamat are GW fleets, meaning that they are written into the source books for the game. So I began a search on the net for other Hive Fleets and seeing what the community was doing. Truly daunting as nearly every notable monster has been taken in namesake by the Tyranid players. Then I remembered some stories I read of grotesque and cruel giants that dwelt in towers of glass, rolling seas and subterranean kingdoms. Their king, Balor, had an eye that killed all it looked upon (now that I think of it, that may be the original inspiration for the EyeBots).

I decided that my Tyranids would favor Hive Worlds, huge megalopolises that sprawl well below the surface of worlds, as their prey. The creatures would have a variable physiology, within limits, and that their capillary structures would be somehow crystalline. Now for the Eye of Death; I will surely have to procure a Hive Tyrant or customize my own for this one, but rest assured, it will have it's one, hideously terrorizing eye. I also decided that I would name them after this monsterous army of giants: Hive Fleet Fomori. As far as I have searched, there are no other Fleets named thus. So I may go on to note that it is a new fleet as yet discovered by the Humans. Perhaps it's been preoccupied with Eldar Space or the Orcs.

Pictures will be added shortly as time allows.

Be seeing you...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2nd Sat Shows!

Hey, Sacramento!!!

Don't miss out on this month's Second Saturday Art openings!!! I'll be hanging with my good friends at Side Show Studios, Body Tribe and Blue Lamp.

"What, where,when?"

Shows start around 5pm. Google the rest; I'm sure you all have way faster machines than I can type. Just kidding!! Here's some nifty visuals regarding the shows!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Buster" the Zombie

I've been experimenting with a new pattern I developed a few months ago. Trying all sorts of modifications and add-ons; just to see how far I can push the form. So far, there hasn't been a collapse of the shapes or models. Pretty good! So, the first few results were basically a three-dimensional representation of the Mach II Cinderbot which now dominates much of my paintings.
Cute, eh? I did a bunch of these and realized that they need a base in order to keep standing. Not an issue with me since I base almost all of my models anyway. Later on I began structural testing with "Johny Bones":

Okay, so the body can withstand at least a 30% reduction in material, COOL! I also developed a treasure chest pattern for this model which will become part of the HakoBot game. Now onto the latest test, 50% structural modification and appliances. I give you.... "Buster, the Retail Zombie"!

Now for some side notes about this model: Yes, I did it because I wanted to push the template. Yes, it is also a Halloween Show piece. But the thought you may be thinking is...
"If he's a Rotten Zombie, all green and moldy, how come his guts are bright red and drippy? Shouldn't they be all rotten too?" Yes, they should, and they are...those aren't his guts. You see, if a Zombie "eats" a person, it would stand to reason that they may even try to ingest that person. So what happens to "food" when it passes through a Zombie. Well, it just passes through or out in this case. There's probably no metabolic activity going on, I mean, it's DEAD right? So the person bits a Zombie "swallows" would just accumulate in the body cavity until the Zombie rots through enough to have it all just spill out. Of course, most cinema Zombies aren't shown swallowing, just gnaw, rip, chew, gnaw, rip, chew... but I'm sure at some point, something gets down the throat, you know, no gag reflex probably.

A New Batch of Hakos

Here's a new batch of HakoBots. These are in the "Game Scale" of 1 3/4" to 10". I'm working on their Bios and Game Statistics now. In the meantime, I can share a little about the big fellow in the back. You, know, the one with the wings. His name is SKRATCH and he's a Tank. Skratch will feature a new Ability you can add to your Hakos. It's called SPOOKY LAUGH. Here's the rundown:

SPOOKY LAUGH: Area Effect: 12" PC: 10
When this Hako defeats a Target, it may force all other Hakos, allied included, to roll their CS or less on a D6 or flee D6" from this Hako.

So, for those with a copy of the rules V3, you'll notice that this mirrors the Ability INTIMIDATE, which Titans gain for free. The big difference is that the Hako can still move and attack in the turn. The big draw back is that you may frighten off your squad as well. Don't forget, if a compulsory movement takes a Hako out of the play area, it's out of play! Points are scored for only opponent Hakos who leave play this way and your Opponent gets points for any allied Hakos you scared out of play as well! USE WITH CAUTION!

That's all for now.

Be seeing you...