Sunday, September 28, 2008

One for the Portfolio

Body Tribe is a strength conditioning and fitness gym in Midtown Sacramento, just off 21st and J streets. Chip, the owner, has been hosting Second Saturday art events for more than four years. He's an awesome guy and a true patron of the arts, especially so-called "outsider" artists. I was introduced to Chip and his venue through a friend, Nic Caesar (Founder of the Scary Art Collective). Since then, I've been showing in Body Tribe's annual Body Show in May and October Halloween Show with a few other group shows as they happen along.

In order to show my appreciation for such a great opportunity, I offered to do a few of the pillars in the gym. For the first one, a Tiki. Swing on by the gym and check it out and tell Chip "Cinder sent me along".

Be seeing you...

Learn More About Body Tribe HERE


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Fist Full of Hakos

Here's the latest Hakos:

First up is Kin no Hako, or roughly, Box of Gold.

and then there's the Red-Eyed Hako
Both are of the Titan class and measure around 20" in width. They also feature a closed bottom, which will be standard for all future Hakos, so it's just a slot away from becoming an awesome piggy bank or pinata.

Be seeing you...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lots of New Work and Some Great Deals on Recent Ones Too!

Come on out to Side Show Studios for some really great deals on my latest works. I've got paintings, HakoBots and Piggy Banks!!! See the links for Side Show's contact information and click on over to my profile on MySpace to see the works. They're in the Pics folder "For Sale At Side Show Studios". Don't forget! Side Show Studios is THE place to get your ink! Whether it be your first or your most ambitious! The super talented and friendly staff at Side Show Studios will make your tattoo experience as awesome as the tattoo you'll be getting!

Night of the Creatives

I'll be hosting a Create and Take event through Scary Craft and Side Show Studios this fourth Tuesday of September. It'll feature my latest HakoBot Character: SKULL BAT!! Rather than double up the info, click on over to the Scary Craft Blog for details!

Be seeing you....