Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Art and perhaps a new Series?

Just some new painting. 7x7 acrylic on canvas.

The theme is sort of folky. I like swirls and spirals.


"Smoking Skull" started off with just the skull in a black outline. I was going for a sense of minimalism, but just could not stop. The story is this ghost whose caught in the smoke of spent desire. Sort of riding the wave of catharsis emanating from the remains of passion.

"Like You Was On Fire" is a kind of nod to that axiom of "Live Every Day Like Your Head Is On Fire". Never really got how that one came about, but I hear it every now and then. The story here is yet another ghost, or perhaps the same one, caught in the tempest of someone or everyone living every moment to the fullest.

Have fun!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Little Sentinel

Converting and customizing toys has been a favorite of mine since I was in grade school. It started off with repaints of my Hotwheels and Micronauts and has just continued on.

Many artists have been converting vinyl toys, most popular are the Kid Robot ones and My Little Pony. When I saw the Robot Chicken skit with My Little Apocalypse Ponies I realized that I had to make my own. So I got out on the net and looked around at what other artists were doing. WOW! All you have to do is Google "my little pony customs" and you'll see!

For my custom, I wanted something close to my interests. I decided to go with the Sentinel from the Matrix.

I started off disassembling both the pony and the sentinel. I gave the pony a primer of black to help with previsualization.

bitz and peicez

I'm using wire pins and modeling putty to join the two main parts

To mark the right spots for holes in the bottom of the sentinel, I painted the post tips with a contrasting color, white, then fit the sentinel on the pony.

marking for assembly

After that and drilling out the holes for the pins, I did a couple of dry fits.

dry fit one

dry fit two

I like the second one as it uses all the sentinel parts. The first one, however, shows more of the pony and creates better balance of elements. The other consideration is basing. I'm not sure if I'll base this piece yet. The tentacles can support the form well enough, but wont be adjustable. If I put it on a base,the tentacles can then be positioned however I wish.

The only leftovers I have now are a few of the claws and the pony's head. Well, I do have plans for those...

Finished My Little Sentinel

AND WITH A BACKGROUND TAKEN FROM A FRAME OF THE FILM as a stand-in. I'll be painting a 1/2 view background/display for the model. Some would suggest the drop code, but in the film's reality, the sentinel only existed in the war blasted environs of the "real world" and not at all in the "the Matrix".

Finished MLS with Background

As you can see, I opted for a simplified form where the pony can still be seen. I had blanked out the whole model, save for the orange of the tentacles, then gave it a base coat of gunmetal (2 parts silver with 1 part black) with silver highlights. The eyes are orange (like the toy's original) with a liberal wash of red (to bring it closer to the movie image).

Two things would really kick the model up a notch:
Red LEDs in each of the eyes and more dimensional sculpting of the body. Overall, however, I'm very pleased with the results I obtained.

Of course, now I have to chase this muse as far as I can. What to do next....

Persons interested in purchasing this pony should contact me directly through email or Myspace Mail.

"Be seeing you..."


Friday, January 16, 2009



I'll be at the Toy Fusion Sidewalk Sale this Saturday afternoon, around 1pm to 5pm or until my ADD brain flies off on yet another whim. Come on out and see all the cool toys!! I'll have some more Star Wars stuff, some board games and a mix of other toys. If I get my arse in gear, I may even have a customized My Little Pony! Check out Toy Fusion for more information!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Painting!!

This is one of those cases where I'll let the work speak for itself...enjoy.

"Betty's Big Guns"
16x20 acrylic on canvas
by C!nder
available for shows



Several suspiciously familiar looking Hakos were seen beating the crap out of each other in the neighborhood dubbed "Rumble Side" of Hako Town. Who are these Hakos, and where are the Ultra Team Hakos to stop this brawl?!?!

So, it's been asked of me several times now, "Why don't you make a display/backdrop/some terrain for the Hakos to sit in/on?" Good question. What was up with me not doing that? Truth is: I wasn't sure of how to approach the scale. I've always invisioned the Hakos as being 1:1. A 2" tall Hako is a 2" tall Hako. But how tall is it in it's 0wn world? eehhhh.... After a little more thought, I decided that the 2" tall Hako, being the average size, would be the base scale. Cool!

Now for the layout...eehhhh.. I had several choices: free standing terrain, side scrolling/bookshelf or facade. Well, I never really liked facade. Too flimsy and too "puch out". Free standing would be great, but many of us are space limited. So, since the Hakos exist in a video game/cartoon like world, side scrolling. Great for book shelves, counter tops and can be free standing if you combine them.

Now for the overall style: I figured since there are so many different style of Hakos, why not mix up the terrain too. My first project is the City Street with a recently blasted building.

After it was completed, my son and I held a game. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. You can see City Street Rumble Side Hakotown at Side Show Studios for as long as it's there. Considering that the display is for sale...

ON A SIDE NOTE: With Valentines coming around, I'll be producing limited run Hakos that will feature opening compartments to put candy, trinkets or a saucy note in for your valentine. Check back for availability and locations.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sculpture Show at Side Show Studios in Sacramento

Normally I do all the talking. For a change, I'll let my little monsters have a say...

If you'd like to see the pieces up close and personal, head on over to