Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monsters are Back!!!

Long before the robots there were monsters and movie parodies.  As robots began to take over my creative direction, the monsters took the roll of foils and foes for the robots. Often, they got relegated to a background element. Not any more. Time for my little monsters to take the stage again so here ya go! 

Oh yeah, I mentioned movie parodies too, didn't I?

This is Tommy as Saruman the Wise with his buds.  Originally, I was going to title it: "One does not simply walk into Mordor... and Not come out with a souvenir" but that's a bit wordy...even for me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Artists for the Cure

I will have a couple of pieces in the auction (see below).  You can better view the flier above by clicking on it.  Buy your tickets and support Artists for the Cure.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10/13/2012: Print Signing and Fund Raiser


Not just because I'm an artist and like shameless self promotion and not even because I like James and think he's a fun and intelligent writer but because THIS matters.   Follow this link to read more at Jame's site Why It Matters. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


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Coolness to Stomp To

Check this out:

Head on over to James Stafford's blog  Why It Matters

Long time...no posting...

Yep, like the title says...

I've been busy keeping the work flow going with only a few breaks at a time to decompress with video gaming and some lite hobbying.  In the past months, I've been focused on growing my terrain/model building services. I've so far created two great tables and more than collection of terrain. These efforts are chronicled under my Cinders of War blog. (which is getting a lot of updates soon and even a few step-by-step articles). The Custom Model Building is being put together gradually as I complete personal projects and solicit clients as a trial basis.

Recently, a buddy mine and I have started up a flat pack project called B-It Bot which is said "Bit Bots" and stands for "Build It Bots". You can check it out here and be sure to join the Twitter feed for the project.

What? What's that you ask? Where's the pictures?  Well, the project images are at their respective sites, but here's a group of nutty cacti to amuse your eyes for now.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not Kidding...New Directions!

This is 18x24 in acrylic.  The left is a midway progress shot. I started the city out in grey and have been gradually adding color.  The sky is being built up in the same way.  The right frame is the final painting with a few signature elements and we have "Maybe the Answer is Looking for You."

In Progress

While I was finishing up "Maybe the Answer Is Looking For You", I also finished up this one: "The Mission".
It's a 16x20 on canvas in acrylic also built up with many layers using clear medium to improve translucency.

Friday, January 27, 2012

So Easy the Future

A Guardian of the Sidelands descends to pass on the secrets of the Mystics...the Key to the Titans who may be the only defense against the Helions. 

Titania's very creation was the doing of the Titans. It was also the Titans, then called the Mystics, who created the Battlehearts to safeguard the newly formed and fragile world.  Long after both the Titans and the Battlehearts faded from common memory, the legends of the Guardians rose. It is never said how they came to be, only that they protected the secluded regions of Titania called the Sidelands and that they held the Keys to finding each of the Mystics.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year...New Directions

This is Battleheart Tomorrow Forever; a crumbling relic of Titania's most earliest of ages. The stories say  these magnificent structures hovered high over the land on perpetual patrol to safeguard the realm.  Their eventual decline and disuse has never been clearly explained and, in light of more pressing matters and realities, have become the stuff of legends and fodder for the Creatives.

Cinder 526 has led a small team of bots to the Etherhold Mountains, which encircle the southern cape of Titania, in hopes that their latest information would hold true: that a Battleheart would indeed lay at rest along those lowly mountains. He and his companions now stand in awe of the ancient hulk too stunned to report their findings to Al.  It is Al, or Alpha One, who has set the Cinderbots and Hakos to seek out the Battlehearts.  He believes that their secrets may well uncover the mystery of the Makers and provide a defense against the coming Hellion Horde.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Collaborative Work for MAIYA Gallery

These pieces began as a conversation with Mark Niemeyer about the similarities in our themes and subjects and the differences in our approaches and technique. We talked about each of us painting the same robot in our own styles. The project went through the usual evolutionary process and with some encouragement from Kelly, Mark and I agreed that we would each paint a background then swap canvases.  There would be no preconceived subjects or themes.  Just free painting of a background.  The experience for me was a lot of fun as I have often reworked not only my own canvases but have customized album covers and posters on occasion.

These works are available at the MAIYA gallery in Sacramento at 22nd and Jst.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

T-O-M-A-S 109

Ever since WAL-E came out, people who've seen the movie and then see my Hakos often ask, "Where's Wally?" or "When are you going to make a Wally?"  Typically, I smile and reply with, "Someone's already made a Wally?"  The question I was waiting for was, "Could you make a Hako Titan that I could use as rubbish/recycle bin?"

T-O-M-A-S is a prototype, so he's not painted and detailed.  A normal grocery sack fits down inside and the fin acts as a handle to open the lid.  He's corrugated card, so I've requested the kids not use him for not food/drink waste but for dry rubbish.  Once I get the right tools, I'll line this one with Coroplast and see how long it holds up.

Enjoy and Create!