Saturday, July 31, 2010

Because I am an Arcade Kid

So, an art buddy of mine, John Hageman, posted up this cutout of Bomberman he did.  Really Cool!!  A few years back, I had done some Pac Man cutouts that now grace the walls of an other art friend, Nicolas Ceasar.  It got me to thinking that I should revisit that project but in a different perspective.  So I started making Hakos of some of my favorite Arcade games.  Here's the first batch from Dig Dug.

They are Hakos, so they're put together and hand painted rather than being just another papercraft you print and fold, though, I plan to release a book which will feature some of my all time favorites and some new ones that you can cut out and assemble and even a few Hakomorphs to customize.  There will also be some environments for the Arcadians (temporary project name) like the underground for Dig Dug or a maze for Pac Man.

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Hakos sent to United Coffee House

So, I'm trying out a few different ideas, most notable is the last Hako with an actual scene painted around it.  Just to note: there are 42 butterflies on it.  The other idea was the dragon looking fellow.  I called it Drake.  I was trying out the pattern I use to make the fins on my Hako Rockets as spines.  I don't have a photo of the back, but I'm very pleased with the results.  Another experiment is the yellow bunny with all squared off elements.  The balance of the design is fairly stable and I like the way the character captures that 16 bit video game feel.  The Hako Bunnies, the one pictured to the left of the yellow chap, are fun to make and quite versatile.  They do take a bit longer than the average Hako due to added much more cutting and all of it done by hand.  I've forgone the old aesthetic of 1.25x1.25x2 and have gone in favor of letting the material determine size and proportions, though, the cube or HAKO is still a stable and consistent proportion, the sizes really fluctuate a lot now.  I feel it gives the Hakos more variety.

I've started another batch a few days ago and they should all be ready to photograph by this evening.  There's been this idea flitting around in my head lately for a new, fanciful HakoElement.  I hope you all like it...