Sunday, September 28, 2008

One for the Portfolio

Body Tribe is a strength conditioning and fitness gym in Midtown Sacramento, just off 21st and J streets. Chip, the owner, has been hosting Second Saturday art events for more than four years. He's an awesome guy and a true patron of the arts, especially so-called "outsider" artists. I was introduced to Chip and his venue through a friend, Nic Caesar (Founder of the Scary Art Collective). Since then, I've been showing in Body Tribe's annual Body Show in May and October Halloween Show with a few other group shows as they happen along.

In order to show my appreciation for such a great opportunity, I offered to do a few of the pillars in the gym. For the first one, a Tiki. Swing on by the gym and check it out and tell Chip "Cinder sent me along".

Be seeing you...

Learn More About Body Tribe HERE