Sunday, December 28, 2008

New from the Cinder Arts sweat shops!!!

And now for a speacial treat: A Recipe for Ewok Stew.

A few notes on how this happened. Date back to 2004, when I was just getting into the idea of showing my work in galleries and shops. My cubs were at the height of their Star Wars frenzy and were watching the vids constantly. So I have dinner going just as the Battle of Endor is raging across the screen. Somewhere during the several scenes of cutsie teddy bear tearing up Imperial Stormtrooper (c'mon, seriously? I could never get that!) an Ewok dies. My beloved children then cheer! I interject with, "TK 11, we're havin' Ewok tonight " My devious little darlings sueel with delight at the thought. It just so happened that tonight's dinner was leftover meal medly. Mmm-Mm! Featuring chicken, rice, chicken gravy and scrambled eggs to bolster it. When my wee ones saw what was in their bowls, they broke out with an "EWOK STEW!!". It has since become the name of any of my various Leftover Meal Medlies, but here is the strategy as it was that fun, fateful evening.

To feed two
1 cup cubed boneless chicken breast fully cooked. Your preference, I had baked the bird the day before.

1 cup steamed white rice. Not leftover pan fried rice...never keep that stuff in the box for more than a day...ew!

2 eggs scrambeled and cooked

1 cup chicken gravy from a can or pouch. Ours was from a pouch. I added black pepper to give it a little punch.

Warm up the chicken in the gravy, mic the rice for about a minute on high with a damp paper towel over the bowl. Spoon on the chicken (read "Ewok") over the rice then add scrambled eggs (my heir dubed them "Ewok guts "). Serve up with a slice of sour dough bread and a glass of green tea or lightly sugared cool aid. I don't recommend coffee, soda or juice as the drink sould couterballance the meal in means of texture and taste.

And there you have it.

Seriously, Ewoks? Beat Elite Stormtroopers? c'MON!

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