Monday, August 10, 2009

Digging up roots...

This piece was just completed over the weekend. I call it "Bit Me Mickey". It's 16" square and painted in enamel and acrylic on an old silk screen. I showed it to these guys who've collected a lot of my work and both love it, except for the tape around the edges used to protect the screen edges from damage. Personally, I don't think that's too much of a big deal. I mean, when Roth set out to create a mascot for his ideal of self designed excellence, he chose a character that would be the antithesis of Mickey Mouse, whom he didn't appreciate all that much apparently. Rat Fink was born on a restaurant napkin with stains. I wonder how much that rag goes for now...?

Anyway, I dig the Finks and Weirdos, have since I was a wee tyke pissing off the nuns at the private schools I attended. Of course, when High School hit along with skateboarding and punk rock, those characters and ideas festered even worse. So, yeah, this painting is kinda a mission statement for me and an homage to Big Daddy and all those gross and disgusting characters.

So, "Bite Me >insert ubiquitous critic, status quo, gotta-be-cleaner-than-a-fresh-napkin types<"

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