Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Batch of Hakos

Here's a new batch of HakoBots. These are in the "Game Scale" of 1 3/4" to 10". I'm working on their Bios and Game Statistics now. In the meantime, I can share a little about the big fellow in the back. You, know, the one with the wings. His name is SKRATCH and he's a Tank. Skratch will feature a new Ability you can add to your Hakos. It's called SPOOKY LAUGH. Here's the rundown:

SPOOKY LAUGH: Area Effect: 12" PC: 10
When this Hako defeats a Target, it may force all other Hakos, allied included, to roll their CS or less on a D6 or flee D6" from this Hako.

So, for those with a copy of the rules V3, you'll notice that this mirrors the Ability INTIMIDATE, which Titans gain for free. The big difference is that the Hako can still move and attack in the turn. The big draw back is that you may frighten off your squad as well. Don't forget, if a compulsory movement takes a Hako out of the play area, it's out of play! Points are scored for only opponent Hakos who leave play this way and your Opponent gets points for any allied Hakos you scared out of play as well! USE WITH CAUTION!

That's all for now.

Be seeing you...

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