Thursday, January 15, 2009



Several suspiciously familiar looking Hakos were seen beating the crap out of each other in the neighborhood dubbed "Rumble Side" of Hako Town. Who are these Hakos, and where are the Ultra Team Hakos to stop this brawl?!?!

So, it's been asked of me several times now, "Why don't you make a display/backdrop/some terrain for the Hakos to sit in/on?" Good question. What was up with me not doing that? Truth is: I wasn't sure of how to approach the scale. I've always invisioned the Hakos as being 1:1. A 2" tall Hako is a 2" tall Hako. But how tall is it in it's 0wn world? eehhhh.... After a little more thought, I decided that the 2" tall Hako, being the average size, would be the base scale. Cool!

Now for the layout...eehhhh.. I had several choices: free standing terrain, side scrolling/bookshelf or facade. Well, I never really liked facade. Too flimsy and too "puch out". Free standing would be great, but many of us are space limited. So, since the Hakos exist in a video game/cartoon like world, side scrolling. Great for book shelves, counter tops and can be free standing if you combine them.

Now for the overall style: I figured since there are so many different style of Hakos, why not mix up the terrain too. My first project is the City Street with a recently blasted building.

After it was completed, my son and I held a game. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. You can see City Street Rumble Side Hakotown at Side Show Studios for as long as it's there. Considering that the display is for sale...

ON A SIDE NOTE: With Valentines coming around, I'll be producing limited run Hakos that will feature opening compartments to put candy, trinkets or a saucy note in for your valentine. Check back for availability and locations.

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