Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Art and perhaps a new Series?

Just some new painting. 7x7 acrylic on canvas.

The theme is sort of folky. I like swirls and spirals.


"Smoking Skull" started off with just the skull in a black outline. I was going for a sense of minimalism, but just could not stop. The story is this ghost whose caught in the smoke of spent desire. Sort of riding the wave of catharsis emanating from the remains of passion.

"Like You Was On Fire" is a kind of nod to that axiom of "Live Every Day Like Your Head Is On Fire". Never really got how that one came about, but I hear it every now and then. The story here is yet another ghost, or perhaps the same one, caught in the tempest of someone or everyone living every moment to the fullest.

Have fun!


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