Monday, March 2, 2009


I recieved this email from 2006 S. Winchester Blvd
Suite C, Campbell, CA 95008.

He writes:

"Today was a big day, and the official soft launch of Psycho Donuts. This was intended to be a soft launch, but the word got out nonetheless... We sold out all of our donuts, and we also sold 2 pieces of art already (Jared/Gus - you are the day 1 winners - can fill you in on details!!). Imagine what will happen after a bit of marketing....
Here in Northern California, Yelp is a big deal - and we got some great reviews already:
So far, it seems like an interesting venue for art that is off the beaten track. Time will tell how things go - but we are interested in keeping up with your work, and looking into other pieces which may be a good fit for our environment. If you know of other artists who would also make a good fit - please feel free to make an email intro accordingly.
Attached are a few photos to help you visualize the environment, and hopefully you can see some of your own works on our walls.
Please feel free to co-promote us on your website, Facebook, blog, twitter - whatever :-) Many of you have asked about when we're ready for some cross-promotion... we're ready... :-)
We also now have an artist page on our website at: We are linking to each of you :-)
On Sunday (tomorrow), we have a band called Please Do Not Fight - playing in our store at 1pm. For those of you who are local - please stop by. Additionally, on the evening of March 11 (8pm), Nicolas Caesar will join us for Full Moon Club - where he will create quick-sketch werewolf photos of willing customers... Should be fun...
Great to be working with such a creative team of artists!!
Jordan and the entire Psycho Brigade..."

This is definitely a venue to look into!! Tell them, "Cinder sent me!"

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