Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I got some really great art up at a really great spot

UNITED COFFEE HOUSE, on Suttervile road just across from City College, will be hosting Char Hall, Matt Marsango and yours truly this month on their magnificent walls. 

Many thanks to Tiffany and Harjinder for having me!  You can find United Coffee House at

and here's a sample of the work I'll have up this month:

Arrival by Lighthouse No. 6  
36 X 18

The Lighthouses are an enigma in Titania and well avoided as none who has entered one ever returned.  Despite their well kept appearance they are ancient beyond lore. Some assert that they are gates to other planes or worlds and others claim that they are phantoms of an age long since age of oceans and green trees.

Teddyloons and Blimps
14 x 11

Did I mention that there are many an eccentric in the lands of Titania?  Professor Wilfred Copperbutton is one such tinkerer who delights in launching teddy bear shaped air mines to deter unwanted visitors to his fortress.

Rocket Launching Albino Lemmings
20 x 16
A recent development of Prof. Copperbutton, the RLAL have only a rudimentary state of sentience and intellegence such that they maintain an attention span just barely long enough to remember the target they were set against.  What frustrates the Prof. most is their uneering habbit of releasing the lift baloon once their projectile has been launched.


"Battleheart Descendant". 

In the world of Titania, there be a few eccentric captains for sure. Obviously, function fails against aesthetics here. 

Return of the Kraken
14 x 11

Pirate, scoundrel, hooligan, thief and vandal.  All these are fine names, but Thadeus Powell prefers Captain most of all.  The Kraken is a brazen display of lawlessness amongst the open skies.  A blight to be harried and stamped out...were it not for its arcane void shields!

And in case you happen to stop by, my work is in the space near the patio...

...I think that bird likes one of the paintings...


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