Sunday, January 31, 2010

In further news of Titania...


Titania Beach Holiday
16 x 22.25

While Titania is void of any such things as beaches, in the normal sense, it is not beyond the capacity of the Tinkerers to create one. Titania Beach is one such locale and is typically well guarded.


The Lost Palace of Alhambra
13 x 10

Legends abound in Titania.  One such story is of a magnificent palace where thousands would gather to be entertained and even whisked away to distant lands and times if only for the briefest of moments.  It was said that the palace suffered a dire fate and had vanished from the land until a Skyprobe discovered it hidden cleverly amongst the pure clouds high above.


Attack of the Kadian Horrors
13 x 10

There is danger in invasion has begun!  Wretches of vile insipidity prowl the skyways in search of prey.  Only the Rocketbots have raised arms against these monstrosities ...we can only hope they succeed or inspire others!

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