Monday, June 7, 2010


So, it's been a while since I've done up one of these and I figured I'd just go stream of consciousness with the whole process and see what happens.  It started off as a Mighty Mug Smurf.  Not any particular character either.  I found it in a toy store sitting on the shelf with its mates and just thought, "Hey, that might be kinda fun to mess with."  Be glad you didn't know me when I was eight: "Hey look!  There's a snake in that bush...might be kinda fun to mess with."  and "I found my dad's soldering kit and some bits...might be kinda fun to mess with."

Anyway.  I bought as many as I could afford and took them home to the studio.  Now, I have some blank Mighty Mugs...had them for a couple years actually and really don't get too inspired with them.  But the Smurf shape was just so funky, I knew that if I put one on the desk for a while, I'd come up with something.  Sure enough, I did.  A lot of different ideas, actually.  I began sketch ideas, write out names and doodle on the little guy until he was pretty much a jumble of scribbles, what I call a "scrumble".  Then it hit me: LOBOTOMY! So off went the top of his head.  I'll confess, staring at a partially headless Smurf can get unsettling.  I tinkered around with the idea of putting a Hako in the some of those urban artists do to Munny's and other vinyl toys. Kinda liked the idea of a!! hit me again.  A week passes and I get the idea to put a spray can cap on the head to cover up the hole.  I have more than a few of these laying about for whatever odd reason (wink wink nudge nudge wink).  Hey! LOBOTOMY!! my twisted imagination says and I sculpt a brain to go on top of the spray cap.  What does a brain need?  Brain Cap!  So into the bit bin I go. After a few minutes of swimming about the seemingly random collection of bits, I come up with the clear half of a toy capsule.  Pretty cool!  I also brought up two smaller versions of the toy capsule as well.  Then, one grossly late evening, whilst the rest of the family was asleep, I make my monster:


Kinda reminds me of the Mars Attacks alien...that's why I called it "the INVADER!".

Be seeing you...


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