Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is Dinobot Malibu 715.  Okay, weird name but I'll explain.  Dino here is yet another "Let's grab a bunch of elements and see what happens" creation.  I just started assembling boxes and joining them until a shape occurred.  When I saw that it looked a lot like a dinosaur, I went with the idea and added spines and little arms.  The Jaw and eyes were a final touch to give it that Cinder Hakobot feel.  Next was to figure out color and texture.  Since he's a bot, I figure I'd go with a rusted metal effect and that blue would be the color.  As for the title: Dinobot because he's a Robot Dinosaur, Malibu because...well...that was the word on the radio when I asked myself what to call it.  715 is the time at which he was truly completed.  So there you have it. 


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