Saturday, June 18, 2011

Level Bonus at the 8-Bit Show...

Just finished up from "The Clouds Have Eyes" in Modesto. Had a good time poking around the town, seeing a few Nerdmarks like the American Graffiti stature at George Lucas Plaza.  Here's a link to the page Modesto has on Lucas  and a link to the Google Image Search of the plaza.  Well, it's not really all that, just a touch stone in the history of a film maker and major contributor to much of the industry.

But that's totally off topic for the evening!

The show was as much fun as I anticipated it to be.  Art and music and lots of fans of both!  For those of you reading this that attended: Thank You for coming out to the show.  For those of you who heard about it but couldn't make it: you missed a lot of fun.   Matt, the organizer, tells me there will be some videos and wright ups on the show.  I'll post links as soon as I get them.  In the meantime, on the subject of gaming, here's a fun web site with games for your smart phone!

And some links to the bands that were playing:

And many thanks to Deva Cafe' in Modesto for providing the venue! 

Thanks again, guys!


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  1. Your stuff was awesome - it was nice seeing you again!