Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Recent Work

"Making Friends (the Old-Fashioned Way)"
16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas
Finished 6 June 2011

Since I'm taking a little break from making Hakos, I figured a painting about Hakos would be fun.  The idea came together pretty quickly:  A Hako Bot making little Hako Bots.  It's a common theme in my Hako Paintings: the Created Creating.  The setting, however, kind of developed on it's own. It's difficult to say if they're outside of a slightly battered building that's dark inside or inside a slightly battered building that's dark outside.  I often go stream of consciousness with these kinds of settings and almost always find way more than I intentionally put in there.  I think it makes the setting more fun than just a "background".

"Waiting For Now"
Acrylic on Canvas
Finished 6 June 2011

I like the idea of technology succumbing to time and nature. It's a concept that first hit me while watching H.G. Wells' Time Machine.  Later on films like Logan's Run and Planet of the Apes would reconfirm my growing suspicions that the world itself will go on long after we and our technology would fail...or would our machines survive?  What kind of civilization would grow up from them?  The fantasies that emerged formed the story around the Hakos for me; a world broke free of the future where colossi have become the  guardians of the natural world if only by happenstance.   If human beings still persisted in this world, or perhaps returned to the Earth to find this world, what marvels would we behold; what would have become of our erstwhile children?

(I really apologize for the poor color quality out of my camera.  There's a plan to re-shoot this outside during the day to get the best light.)

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