Sunday, October 12, 2008

When Looking for Monster, Monster There Will Be.


The following entry is an insight into one of my many inspirations for my art: Hobby Gaming. If you are here just for the art, feel free to skip this entry, though it may amuse you and it does preclude a new series of works you will most likely not want to miss out on!

This past Summer, Games Workshop released their 5th edition rules and a new starter set for the Warhammer 40,000 game. Needless to say, I totally geeked out and bought the set. Eager to put my Tyranids through the new rules I began a campaign to finish assembly and paint them. As I have now settled upon a color scheme for them, one of a reptilian nature, I figured it was time to decide if they were a splinter fleet or of a more larger as yet discovered one. The problem lay in what to call the army.

Tyranid Hive Fleets are customarily named after a monster of Earth legend. Behemouth, Leviathon and Tiamat are GW fleets, meaning that they are written into the source books for the game. So I began a search on the net for other Hive Fleets and seeing what the community was doing. Truly daunting as nearly every notable monster has been taken in namesake by the Tyranid players. Then I remembered some stories I read of grotesque and cruel giants that dwelt in towers of glass, rolling seas and subterranean kingdoms. Their king, Balor, had an eye that killed all it looked upon (now that I think of it, that may be the original inspiration for the EyeBots).

I decided that my Tyranids would favor Hive Worlds, huge megalopolises that sprawl well below the surface of worlds, as their prey. The creatures would have a variable physiology, within limits, and that their capillary structures would be somehow crystalline. Now for the Eye of Death; I will surely have to procure a Hive Tyrant or customize my own for this one, but rest assured, it will have it's one, hideously terrorizing eye. I also decided that I would name them after this monsterous army of giants: Hive Fleet Fomori. As far as I have searched, there are no other Fleets named thus. So I may go on to note that it is a new fleet as yet discovered by the Humans. Perhaps it's been preoccupied with Eldar Space or the Orcs.

Pictures will be added shortly as time allows.

Be seeing you...

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