Tuesday, January 10, 2012

T-O-M-A-S 109

Ever since WAL-E came out, people who've seen the movie and then see my Hakos often ask, "Where's Wally?" or "When are you going to make a Wally?"  Typically, I smile and reply with, "Someone's already made a Wally?"  The question I was waiting for was, "Could you make a Hako Titan that I could use as rubbish/recycle bin?"

T-O-M-A-S is a prototype, so he's not painted and detailed.  A normal grocery sack fits down inside and the fin acts as a handle to open the lid.  He's corrugated card, so I've requested the kids not use him for not food/drink waste but for dry rubbish.  Once I get the right tools, I'll line this one with Coroplast and see how long it holds up.

Enjoy and Create!


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