Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year...New Directions

This is Battleheart Tomorrow Forever; a crumbling relic of Titania's most earliest of ages. The stories say  these magnificent structures hovered high over the land on perpetual patrol to safeguard the realm.  Their eventual decline and disuse has never been clearly explained and, in light of more pressing matters and realities, have become the stuff of legends and fodder for the Creatives.

Cinder 526 has led a small team of bots to the Etherhold Mountains, which encircle the southern cape of Titania, in hopes that their latest information would hold true: that a Battleheart would indeed lay at rest along those lowly mountains. He and his companions now stand in awe of the ancient hulk too stunned to report their findings to Al.  It is Al, or Alpha One, who has set the Cinderbots and Hakos to seek out the Battlehearts.  He believes that their secrets may well uncover the mystery of the Makers and provide a defense against the coming Hellion Horde.

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